Microsoft Conference

This live stream's finished, but you can see everything posted below
This is it. The Microsoft E3 press conference. I'm Kevin (Eurydace) and I'll be your host. You can watch the conference live here.

Hello everyone! We're just over three hours out. What are you guys looking forward to? Personally, I'll be looking forward to Forza first and foremost.

As an aside, it looks like LIMBO is currently free for Gold members. Go ahead and download it now if you're interested!

About 45 minutes until the conference begins. Those of us watching the stream are enjoying a super exciting thrill of a placeholder screen complimented by technically simple electronica.


Phil Spencer is speaking. He's talking about the Orlando shooting, letting him know he feels for them. It's a nice thought.

Xbox One S just revealed. Slimmer, smaller.


There's also a new revamped controller (looks about the same). It has textured grips.

Xbox One S is white.

Kicking things off with Gears of War 4. Rod Ferguson is coming on stage.

Video of the new Slim is up, take a peek!

Gears of War 4 will be the first "play anywhere" game. All achievements and progress will share across Xbox and PC at no additional cost. All co-op modes will also support cross-play.

Just confirmed Gears 4 will have a Horde mode. Laura Bailey is now on stage as well. She's the voice of Kait. She's going to show off the new campaign.

Gears 4 trailer is playing. Characters are very talkative. They're pinned down and just pulled out a giant catapult. They're shooting the giant rocks in the air to rain down on the Locust.

Gears 4 gameplay demo screens:






They're firing a weapon that shoots saw blades out. Gruesome.

They just used the saw gun to destroy some cover.


Tons of destruction to the environment. A storm is blowing vehicles everywhere. Now there's lightning that the players have to dodge.

Big monster to finish it off!


Gears of War themed elite controller it looks like. Battlescarred and red. Kinda neat.

Next up is Killer Instinct. Rukari Austin is on stage.

New crossover character. It's General RAAM.


The leaks are confirmed. Here he is, General Raam:

Forza now. Beautiful looking. There's dirt buggies. Offroad racing. Driving in the water.

Ralph Fulton is on stage. He's with Playground Games. Forza Horizon 3 is in Australia.

Here it is, Horizon fans:

Screenshots from the trailer:





They're now showing off four gameplay streams at once. Playing on all kinds of different platforms. Game looks amazing. Much different than before. Lots of jumps. They're in a jungle, in the desert, on a beach.

It'll have the largest car roster ever seen in Horizon. Four player campaign co-op. Looks like everyone on stage is going to play together now. When joining the game, a helicopter drops the invitees in with the friend who invited them.

They're weaving through a rain forest racing. The dirt buggy just did a barrel roll.

September 27th. It's play anywhere.



ReCore is playing. First gameplay footage.

Who's up for some ReCore?

ReCore is a third person shooter. Looks like many robots will aid you.





Final Fantasy XV is now on stage. Square Enix is here to demo it.

Noctis is fighting a giant boss. It's the "Trial of Titan".




They killed the boss. It's coming September 30th.

Now we're seeing a trailer for The Division.

Looks like the next DLC is set in the Underground. It'll be available on June 28th first on Xbox.

General manager of DICE is on stage. Patrick Bach.

Most dynamic Battlefield ever created. No battle will ever be the same. Dynamic weather. More immersive. The game will have early access starting October 13th.

Now they're playing the same Battlefield 1 trailer as yesterday at EA's conference.

Mike Ybarra is on stage. He's head of Xbox Platform Engineering. He's talking about Xbox Live.

Background music is coming this summer.

Cortana is coming.

You can now use any language in any region.

Coming this fall, three features for every game and every gamer:

Clubs. You'll be able to create communities. That way you can find people to play with.

Looking for Group on Xbox Live. It's a want add for Xbox Live. You can post LFGs for any game. This sounds ripe for abuse laugh

Arena for Xbox Live is a new tournament platform. You can compete solo or as a team in any game that hosts a tournament. Smite, World of Tanks featured. Also EA Sports. FIFA is coming "in the coming years".

Saxs Persson and Lydia Winters are here to talk about Minecraft. It's now easier to share with Minecraft players on all platforms (except WP). It applies to W10, Android, and iOS. This is the friendly update.

Here is the Gears controller if you missed it:

Dedicated servers will let you host your own worlds so your friends can play even when you're not online. It's called Minecraft Realms.

They're now showing Minecraft on Oculus Rift. That's VR. John Carmack is on stage talking about it.

He's riding a rollercoaster.


Texture packs are coming to all platforms, including Android and iOS. Also "addons" are coming to all platforms. They let you change units to something else. Zombies become aliens.


Custom-colored controllers are coming. You can customize it however you want. MS will make it. Bye bye SCUF.



New game from the creators of LIMBO. Inside. It's coming June 29th.

Chris Charla is on stage. He's singing praises about Inside. LIMBO is available for free to everyone starting today. Not just gold members.

Here's a highlight reel of ID.

Deliver us the Moon
Flint Hook
Slime Rancher
Shadow Tactics
The Culling
For the King
Stardew Valley
Hand of Fate 2
Raider of the Broken Planet
Yooka Laylee

ARK is a play anywhere game. You can play it on Windows 10 also.

DayZ is coming also.

New project coming to Game Preview next month. Here's a dev from Compulsion Games. Developer of Contrast. We have a gameplay demo of it.

No name yet.

The game seems to be set in the 50's. The character is reading the news. He has some pills but did not take them. He seems like he's hallucinating.



Prettttttttty sure this is We Happy Few.

He's wandering around a strange office. A guy was giving someone a shot. He looked evil. They he closed the blinds to the office. Now we're at a pinata party.

Pinata had a dead rat in it.



Gwent trailer.

CD Projekt Red is on stage. They had tons of people asking for standalone Gwent. It's been in development for a year. They're going to show a game of Gwent perhaps? It's cross play across PC and console (could be more than just W10?)

New campaign. New visuals. New cards of course. The game still focuses on skill.

Four factions still. They're different though. Skellige warriors are in. to register for the beta on Xbox One and Windows.

It's coming in September.

Tekken is on stage now.

Tekken trailer screenshots. Some gameplay, some not. Tekken 7 is coming 2017.





There's an all new story mode that transitions from cutscenes to gameplay. The trailer showed that off. More info coming soon. Early 2017 it releases.

All week long, Xbox Live gold members get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free via BC.

Pretty sure Dead Rising 4 is on.

Trailer has a Christmas theme. There's a giant hammer. Lots of unique weapons. Holiday 2016.

Dead Rising 4? Yes please.

Screenshots from Dead Rising 4:




Microsoft Studios head is on stage now. Talking about what they've done recently like Ori, Sunset Overdrive, and others.

We're going to see some Microsoft Studios information now.

She's introducing Hideki Kamiya. He's going to show Scalebound.

He's going to show the biggest boss battle Platinum has ever made. It's co-op. Looks like a continuation from last year's trailer.


Looks like you can hop on your dragon at any point. Boos is huge with multiple phases. Very cool.




Players are working together a bit, but it looks like this could definitely be done solo, which is good news.

Hero put his headphones on. Rock music now playing. He's really pumped.

Minecraft video is finally up, stop keeping our readers waiting MS!

Definitely looks like it plays like a Platinum game. Fans should be very happy. A little bit of QTE even!



Now we've got Sea of Thieves

Beautiful sea song. Trailer is showing off a pirate battle frozen in time. It's pretty neat.


There are mermaid pirates.

The Sea of Thieves trailer is a pirate battle frozen in time. Very cool. The background song is a beautiful sea shanty.

Rare is now on stage to talk about it. You'll embark on adventures with your friends.

There will always be a potential threat of other players. World premiere gameplay is coming up. Three weeks ago some of the community were invited to play the game. They were split into three crews with no tutorials at all. This is the recorded footage. Awesome.

They need to actually prepare the ship to set sail. Now they're drinking ale. Or grog.

The sail is blocking the guy's vision. Haha. Had to have a teammate give him instructions.

Now they're in a pirate battle with other players. The ship that lost is sinking. It's underwater now. Can they still be pirates without a ship? Now the other crew is here. Trailer ends.



New game trailer. Looks zombie themed. Definitely zombie themed. This is probably from State of Decay devs.

Sea of Thieves ship combat is looking fun:

State of Decay 2. Theme is nobody survives.



Wow. State of Decay 2.

Halo Wars 2 trailer

There's a new faction: the Banished. Led by a Brute.

February 21st, 2017 release date. Not this year.

It is a play anywhere title. There's also a week long beta on Xbox One starting RIGHT NOW.





Gameplay trailer for Halo Wars 2 is now playing. Lots of color. Looks true to the original.

You guys wouldn't be interested in this Halo Wars 2 trailer, would you? I'll leave it here just in case.

Phil Spencer back on stage. He's talking about the way Xbox thinks about gaming. They want to give you more freedom and choice to play the games you want, with the people you want, on the devices you want. "Play without boundaries."

Don't forget to play the Halo Wars 2 beta, open today until June 20th!

They believe in uniting gaming communities. Today has shown us this, he says. Xbox is available everywhere. All gamers are welcome and respected.

There's a trailer with a bunch of devs talking. They're talking about a new Xbox. 6TFLPS. Most powerful console ever. It's going to make everyone happy. The highest rez. The best framerate. No compromises. True 4K gaming.

Custom controllers video is up!

They'll be making much greater and better experiences. Fallout 4 VR will be on Xbox. Which means Xbox will be getting VR somehow with the Xbox. All Xbox One titles will be playable here. The two systems will have games that work on both.

8 CPU cores. 6 TFLP GPU. Fast Ram.

Project Scorpio. It's coming holiday 2017. It's the next step in MS's vision for the future of gaming. Phil assures us it will be the most powerful console ever built (what do you say, Sony?).

Finale looks like a trailer for Xbox in general. There's some new footage of everything shown so far.

And it's over. Thanks for joining everyone!

ID@Xbox montage is up now: