New Rocket League Update Will Bring New Achievements, Arenas, Cars, and Features

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Rocket League is a popular phenomenon to be sure. The new update coming on June 20th is sure to continue adding content players want. We already covered the new social options last month. Today Psyonix has revealed many more of the new features that will drive in with the next update and they're really scoring.

The first goal is a quick one right off the kickoff in the form of a new arena — Neo Tokyo. The arena is full of lights and color and has a futuristic tone. The map was originally in Rocket Labs as the map named "Underpass" but it's been spruced up for the full release.

Neo Tokyo

The next goal of this update was a rage-inducing accidental shot from across the map in the form of two new cars. They're anime-inspired just like Neo Tokyo. Their names are Esper and Masamune. Please note they'll be available on June 24th in Europe and July 1st in North America as premium DLC for owners of the physical collector's edition, and will be available later for everyone else.

Neo Tokyo Cars

The next goal was a real doozy — an aerial shot right over the opponents head. That's right, there are eight new achievements coming. What are they? Will they be time consuming? Will those that are trying the game free this weekend for a quick 1000 going to be upset? Who knows! The achievements will be revealed on June 13th.

The rest of the features in the update are as follows:

- The beginning of “Season 3” for Competitive Playlists, which resets all skill ratings and rewards last season’s players with exclusive Rocket Boosts that reflect their final rank
- An expanded Item drop system that adds…
  • More than 20 “Rare” and “Very Rare” Item types for online, post-game drops
  • An easy-to-use “Trade In” system that allows players to exchange multiple Items of one rarity type for an even rarer one.
  • New “Painted” Items that offer different color variations on existing Garage favorites like Toppers and Wheels
  • Special “Certified” Items that track specific in-game stats and increase in prestige the higher those stats go
- New Quick-Chat customization options that expand player choices for fast, in-game communication
- New Post-Game celebrations that spotlight the winning team and allow them to jump, spin, and boost their car to show off their accomplishments
- “Pillars,” a new experimental Arena that separates the field into three lanes via two massive walls in the middle of the stadium
- Eight new Trophies and Achievements on all three platforms
- A new, in-game “Showroom” that allows players to view and purchase all previously-released and future premium DLC
The Neo Tokyo update for Rocket League launches June 20th and is free for all.
Kevin Tavore
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