Madden NFL 17 To Feature More E-sports Modes

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
As the unstoppable train of e-sports barrels down the tracks, it's likely we'll only see more and more studios and gamers jumping on board. This emphasis has now found its way to Madden NFL 17. This fall, brand new competitive modes will launch alongside the game. In all, there will be three tiers of competitive play:

  • Challenger - player-hosted tournaments
  • Premier - global tournaments hosted live with EA partners (advertisers) from inside and outside the gaming world
  • Majors - EA-hosted live global tournaments
EA says their intent is to give more gamers the opportunity to be the best. Typically, competitive e-sports are reserved for only the most elite players with the means and time to travel to competitions. With more competitive modes and tournaments built into Madden NFL 17, more players have a chance at achieving virtual gridiron greatness. Over $1 million in prizes will be handed out over the tournament season, too, so start perfecting those cheap third down screen passes.

Alongside that comes a new trailer showing teases of some of the new features like better mechanics for running backs and front seven defenders.

Madden NFL 17 hits stores on August 23rd. Though it's still coming to last- and current-gen consoles, EA was not specific regarding whether the tournament modes will arrive on Xbox 360.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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