Conan Exiles is Coming to Consoles

By Kevin Tavore, 10 months ago
Funcom has just announced that Conan Exiles will be making its way to consoles. The game is, of course, set in the world of Conan, where only the strong can survive. It's an open-world game with first-person combat and a heavy focus on survival. Like other titles in the growing genre, players will be put in a world inhabited by wildlife and other players who may either be your friends or your enemies.

The combat is said to be visceral and bloody, as any duel between barbarians should be. Since it's multiplayer, Funcom assures there will be epic battles in our future.

Conan Exiles will come to PC as an early access title in September, with a subsequent full release on consoles at a later date.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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