Twisted Pixel Announces Ms Splosion Man

By Rebecca Smith, 9 years ago
The countdown on Twisted Pixel's official website has now reached zero. The announcement that we were waiting for is... the arrival of Ms Splosion Man, the sequel to 2009's Splosion Man.

Big Science has officially captured Splosion Man and has "guaranteed the safety of all humankind". Twisted Pixel were proud to assure us that "the world won't end" as Splosion Man is no longer a threat. I'll let Twisted Pixel tell you the rest:

Many remember the terrifying events of July 2009: Splosion Man's horrifying rampage through Big Science laboratories that meated hundreds of scientists and caused untold damage to their underground laboratories. Eye witnesses reported widespread destruction and a staggering number of t-bones and fillets left in his wake.

Today that ends, with Twisted Pixel releasing footage of the successful capture of the renegade experiment. The scientists speak with new-found confidence about their success. Says Dr. Wilson, "Even if some sort of newer, stronger, better threat were created, our newest security measures and fiendish traps would be more than enough to contain it. We've made incredible advances in our technology over this past year.... Not that there would ever be a use for any of it."

Dr. Henry was quick to add, "Our lab, our equipment - everything has had functionality improvements and visual overhauls, and our company has expanded to some incredible new locations. It's all pristine and beautiful - decadent environments that we are very happy no experiment gone wrong will ever rampage through." Dr. Henry paused briefly before continuing, "I don't even know why I'm mentioning that, because it's 100% guaranteed that Splosion Man will never be a threat to us again."

When asked if there was any risk of overconfidence amongst the scientists, Dr. Riley was quick to interject. "Why? What's going to happen, some sort of freak accident in the after party that creates a "Ms. Splosion Man" mere seconds after Splosion Man's capture? And then the Ms. Splosion Man goes on some monster tear in the fall of 2011? Yeah right. Not very likely."Twisted Pixel Games reiterates that despite the fact that nothing could possibly go wrong during today's events, should any newsworthy event occur, they will release as much information as possible in the coming months.
The aforementioned footage of Splosion Man's capture can be found here:

In an interview with Joystiq shortly after the reveal, Twisted pixel CCO Josh Bear explained the reasoning for the sequel:

We have never wanted to make a sequel to one of our games unless we thought it made sense, that we could add more to it and actually make a better game. I think with Splosion Man a follow up was something we really wanted to do, and that is why you never saw DLC for that game. We could have churned out new levels, but we wouldn't have had the time to add in new gameplay puzzles or cool new character stuff. But we didn't just want to do Splosion Man 2, it had to be something a little more interesting. That is why we decided to do Ms. Splosion Man.
Keeping in mind that Comic Jumper packed in free DLC for Splosion Man, Bear commented on the likelihood of Comic Jumper DLC being included in Ms Splosion Man:

We love giving away free stuff in our games, but it is unlikely there will be Comic Jumper DLC in Ms. Splosion Man. As awesome as that would be, Comic Jumper levels are extremely involved and would take a large amount of time and money to create. At some point though we would love to do more with Comic Jumper, especially if we can add more sexist and racist things to it, because according to some people on the internet, that is what we love here at Twisted Pixel! **** women! **** other cultures! Yayyyyyyy!!!
Bear also explained differences in the gameplay and the things that Twisted Pixel have learned from the Splosion Man:

There is a lot of stuff we wanted to do in the first Splosion Man but just didn't have time for. We are revisiting some of that with Ms. Splosion Man, along with a bunch of other stuff. On the co-op side, we are revamping how we design the levels so that it is easier for four people to play at once, and that the online side of things runs smoother than the first one. It is going to be a lot of fun.

[We've learnt] a lot of things, everything from difficulty to length between checkpoints, etc. It is nice to revisit the franchise and be able to address things that you know people were having issues with.

I think one of those things is just to let people know that multiplayer is a different game altogether with different levels, etc. I don't think we did a good job explaining that in the first game, and a lot of people missed out on it.

Way of the Coward worked out well for us. We found that a lot of players appreciated that it was there, but didn't want to use it because it hurt their pride. A version of Way of the Coward will be back for Ms. Splosion Man, for people who are having a hard time and want to move forward. Originally the decision to put Way of the Coward in was because Sean Conway, our level designer, was having problems beating his own levels. We felt bad for him and put it in as a cheat just so we could finish the game, but ended up leaving it in for other players as well, just in case they sucked as bad as Conway did.

I think people that found the first game too hard or too frustrating will be happy with the balance we have found in Ms. Splosion Man.
Ms Splosion Man will be released in Fall, 2011.

We've got the full list of Splosion Man achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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