New The Walking Dead Season 3 Teaser Features A Much Older Clementine

By Mark Delaney,
Time is the inevitable killer of us all. If the flesh-eating undead and the ruthless bands of scavengers don't get to you, time will do their bidding. Clementine has so far survived the zombies and bandits, but we can see in this new trailer that time is taking its toll on her. Sure, she's just a teen now, but in her world a few years are a lifetime. She's weathered many a storm, seen countless around her die, yet she trudges on. For how much longer? We can't know quite yet. The Walking Dead: Season Three is due to debut this fall. The next chapter of her life is nearly upon us. See for yourself in this brand new teaser from Telltale Games, and keep it here all week where we'll no doubt be seeing more of the game.

The man shown with Clem? His name is Javier, and he's playable in Season Three, too. Telltale says it's a new beginning as much as it is a continuation of the past two seasons. They promise more details in the weeks (days?) ahead.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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