Details on Dontnod's Vampyr Plus E3 Trailer

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Vampyr is the latest game from Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment. We know the developer could teach a master class in stories, so it's no surprise they're aiming for a deep and immersive experience focusing on vampire mythology. The game stars a newly reborn vampire named Dr. Jonathan Reid, a World War I veteran.

Gaining experience is a unique feature in Vampyr. While you will gain some in combat, most of your experience will come from feeding on innocent lives. Dr. Reid is not averse to killing an innocent, but his ultimate goal is to find a cure and he certainly wants to save as many people as he can. Even if you, as the player, are not subject to such moral qualms, you still need to consider the effects of such a murder spree - the section of the city will begin to collapse and eventually fall into complete disarray if you kill too many. This creates a unique question of whether or not gaining experience is worth the cost. For instance, if you kill that merchant's wife, he might become distressed and leave the city, causing you to be unable to buy items.

You can see more about the game in its E3 trailer below:

Vampyr is coming in 2017 to Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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