Slim, White, 2TB "Xbox One S" Officially Announced, Prices Start At $299

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
Surprising almost nobody, the Microsoft E3 conference kicked off with the reveal of the new, slim Xbox One. Here's the trailer:

So, the important facts. As you can see from the trailer, the 40% size reduction is across both width and height (although, if the scaling graphic in the video is accurate, there's more reduction on the width than the height).

We've got a 2TB internal hard drive and an IR blaster for more integrated television control. The power supply is integrated into the back of the console rather than being a separate pack.

The console will support HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging, which Microsoft made a bit of a fuss over at their Build event for developers earlier in the year. In very basic terms, HDR provides a better range in luminosity. Contrast and colour will be improved. Black will be blacker than ever. That sort of thing. Of course, you need a TV that supports it, and games, movies and TV series that were developed with it. The trailer suggests that Gears of War 4 and Scalebound will certainly be supporting it. As well as HDR, 4K Ultra HD video will also be supported.

The new controller that comes with the "S" is slimmer, too. It comes with a textured grip and Bluetooth connectivity alongside the existing Xbox Wireless protocol. The controller will have increased range and is "streamlined", although exactly how isn't yet clear.

Finally, the price. The Xbox One S is priced at $299 USD. The release date was not exactly confirmed, but it's coming in August. EDIT: The Xbox One S will start at $299 USD, although this is reportedly a stripped-down version of the above advertised, with a 500GB HDD. For the full kit described above and in the video, you will be looking at a $399 USD price point. The console is due to arrive in August.

In a related announcement, it looks like we'll be able to customise the new controller. We got an Apple-esque promo showing off all the colourful tweaks you can make, as well as laser-engraving your gamertag in the middle. Sweet.

The service will be available via the Xbox website.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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