Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 9 years ago
Autumn Games and Isopod Labs have joined together to develop a new no-holds-barred, combat-racing game, Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine, in collaboration with the NASCAR star.

Players will be able to "compete against over-the-top characters in outlandish vehicles". The game plays homage to Jimmie’s “Anything with an engine!” motto, which stems from his childhood where he would be "putting engines on barstools and other household items, then racing them against friends".

Here are more details and key features:

Lead-footed bathers, dumpster divers, lawn-mowers, coffin-bound corpses and many more will have the chance to scrap their way toward glory, as players engage in elimination-style circuits across uniquely stylized tracks strewn with themed hazards, traps and awesome jumps in a humor-packed race to the finish line.

Key Features

• Multiplayer, Any Way You Like It: Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine supports up to eight-player online multiplayer action, including ranked and private races, and up to four players in split-screen multiplayer as they battle for first place across the couch, around the globe or both simultaneously!

• Outlandish Vehicles: As players win cups in the Career Mode, they will unlock additional wild vehicles built in Jimmie’s Workshop from random junk, including golf carts and lawnmowers.

• Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Action: Each vehicle features powerful pneumatic side-rams, plus two weapon mods, including custom missiles and rear-firing weapons, allowing players to knock out the competition by whatever means necessary.

• Over-the-Top Personas: As they progress, players will assume a wide variety of outlandish personas, such as Hazzard Mower, who uses his souped-up lawnmower to cut down the competition, and Megaton, a former military officer who barrels around the track on a high-speed bomb.

• Huge Variety of Challenges: Players will drift and battle their way through six different game modes, including the one-on-one Duel mode and the intense Matador mode, across ten distinct tracks elaborately staged as ruined cities, medieval lands or prohibition-era backwoods.
Here are some screenshots:

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Jimmie Johnson explained the reason behind the collaboration:

There’s no denying that video games are certainly one of the most popular forms of entertainment. There are certainly a lot of entertaining racing games, but I’ve always felt there was something missing. I wanted to capture that kind of ‘anything goes’ element in racing and make a unique game that appeals to everyone. The teams at Autumn Games and Isopod Laps are incredibly talented, which gives us the opportunity to develop what I hope is a truly ground-breaking series.
The game has a very vague release date of 2011.
Rebecca Smith
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