Earth's Dawn Announced - Trailer and Screenshots

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Rising Star Games has announced the upcoming release of manga-style side-scrolling action game Earth's Dawn. Developed by oneoreight, Earth's Dawn has previously had an Xbox One release in Japan under the name Earth Wars.

Earth's Dawn is set in the future after aliens known as the E.B.E. have invaded Earth. The E.B.E. ravaged the planet unchecked until the discovery that their own technology could be turned against them, allowing an elite fighting force to strike back against them.

Earth's Dawn 10

Earth's Dawn has RPG elements, allowing players to create a character with customised skill trees, augment abilities to suit individual play style and craft weapons and equipment. The narrative driven missions have a branching structure, and skill rankings after battles give points to level up and develop characters. The combat system is layered to cater to both casual and hardcore players. Basic attacks can be strung together to create combos and tied to the analogue stick to trigger special moves such as aerials, launchers, sliding attacks and finishers.

Earth's Dawn is due to be released on Xbox One in Autumn 2016.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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