Introducing Steep, a Next-Gen Extreme Sports Game

By Kevin Tavore, 10 months ago
StEEP was the endcap for Ubisoft's E3 conference today. The game, at its core, is about doing awesome things in extreme sports on a mountain.

The world is yours.The world is yours.

You'll be able to ski, snowboard, use a wingsuit, or paraglide anywhere in the game's world. You'll do all of these things set in an open world set in the Alps and Alaska. The game lets you go to drop zones all over the mountains and, from there, you'll be able to go anywhere and either just explore or engage in challenges. You can see the reveal trailer below.

The first event in the gameplay trailer is one of the challenges, proximity flying. The player is in a race down the mountain in their wingsuit cutting very close to the mountain. The goal is simply to get the fastest time possible. Next the developers showed off multiplayer gameplay. The players are skiing down the slope doing stunts and, inevitably, wiping out quite gruesomely.

The gameplay trailer also shows a neat feature that allows players to replay anything they've just done. The world map will show the line you just took down the mountain. You can replay from any point in the line to see what you did. You can also skip ahead and simply see all the crashes. As a modern game, you'll of course be able to share all of these experience socially with your friends.

The full gameplay trailer is below.

StEEP is coming in December. You can sign up for the beta soon on Ubisoft's website.
Kevin Tavore
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