Just Dance 2017 Screenshots Released

By Keith Gray, 1 year ago
The first game to appear at Ubisoft's E3 conference yesterday was its latest Kinect-required dance simulation, Just Dance 2017. The conference brought many videos of the various songs and dance moves that will feature in Just Dance 2017, including "Cheap Thrills" and "What is Love".

Today, the game is showcased in a bundle of screenshots which also demonstrate the dance moves that are performed across the title's varied tracklist. The first set of images showcase "Cheap Thrills", "DADDY", "Don't Stop Me Now", "El Tiki", and "Leon On". Meanwhile, the second group includes “PoPiPo”, "Radical", "September", "Sorry", "What Is Love", and "Worth It".

Just Dance 2017 will hit the dance floor on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this coming October.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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