Fourth HITMAN Elusive Target Available Today at E3 Start Time, Rewards Announced

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Good day, Agent 47. Your fourth Elusive Target contract will become available today, June 14th, at precisely the time the E3 conference starts. Seems a bit rude for fans hoping to catch some of the E3 coverage, but it'll be available for 53 hours, which is the exact amount of time until E3 ends. The developers over at IO Interactive have released a helpful timetable to show the start and end time for the Elusive Target in each time zone.

When the Elusive Target becomes available, talk to Diana for a briefing of the necessary intel. This next target is called The Sensation. He will be available in Paris for 53 hours, then you'll never see him again. Remember, there is only one chance for success here, and a failure will end in the target disappearing forever.

Elusive Target #4

The first reward has also been announced. Snag the Hitman: Absolution Signature Suit, complete with black gloves and an ICA tie pin, as a reward for completing five successful Elusive Targets.

According to IO, as far as the rewards go, "if you wait too long and miss too many Elusive Targets, you won't be able to unlock them all," which means they do intend to stop running Elusive Targets at some point in the future.

Hitman Absolution Signature SuitHitman Absolution Signature Suit

If you're reading this upon publishing, you've got about two and a half hours until The Sensation arrives. If you're reading this some time after that... well then you'd better get moving.
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