Watch_Dogs 2's Gameplay Explored, New Screens Revealed

By Sam Quirke, 3 years ago
Ubisoft already gave us a gameplay demo for Watch_Dogs 2 during their conference yesterday. Over on the UbiBlog, Mikel Reparaz has documented their run through a mission, giving us a little flavour of the gameplay we can expect, as well as a few more images.

Those sea lions are not so photogenic in real life.Those sea lions are not so photogenic in real life.

Earlier in the week we heard mention of the fact that many of the game's missions can be accessed in whatever order you prefer. Using NetHack mode from your DeadSec app, you'll be seeing orange "anomalies" on your map that represent points of interest – some of which will lead to major missions. The faint white lines extending from the protagonist return to let you know that there are objects or people nearby that you can interact with, such as remote driving parked vehicles to cause whatever mischief you require. Speaking of driving, Reparaz mentioned in an aside that the driving mechanics appear to have improved.

Also mentioned is a trigger-press to move Marcus into "Parkour Mode", which apparently "sounds a little like Assassin’s Creed, but in practice feels very different." Rather than automatically sprinting, the mode simply ensures that Marcus will react fluidly to obstacles and walls, allowing you to set the pace while exploring San Francisco's vertical spaces.

Here's that parkour mode in action.Here's that parkour mode in action.

As well as getting to play more with the RC jumping drone already shown in the gameplay trailer, Reparaz touched briefly on the fact that coming across other players is more organic and sudden than the predecessor and allows spur-of-the-moment co-op. Another player comes across him during the mission, and agrees to tag along to take out a gang "known as the 580".

More details will surely be incoming. Watch_Dogs 2 will be arriving November 15th on Xbox One.

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