Road Rage Speeds in With New Screens and Details

By Chanse Wareham, 1 year ago
It is usually not recommended that you ride at extremely unsafe speeds carelessly handling sharp and/or dangerous objects, nor is it ever polite to hit other riders with said objects. Unless you are roaming the streets in upcoming racer Road Rage.

We last heard about Road Rage in February of this year, so it is nice to get some fresh information ahead of the game's scheduled release this Fall, as well as some new screens.

Sharp swords and fast bikes.Sharp swords and fast bikes.

As a reminder, Road Rage allows the player to race, fight and work their way through an outlaw motorcycle gang in a city torn apart by crime and violence, all while earning money and riding as fast as possible.

 Well, they look nice. Well, they look nice.

There is a big open-world to explore, and over 90 missions to work on as you progress to the title of Club President. The developers at Maximum Games also had a few major features to discuss, including:

  • Extensive Gameplay Variety. Play 42 story-driven missions and 56 additional side missions ranging from delivery and escort jobs to combat races to all-out gang brawls
  • Open-World Exploration. Joyride around a massive city and discover a wide variety of missions and objectives throughout its distinctive neighborhoods.
  • Insane Weaponry. Equip yourself with a range of weapons for knock-down-drag-out encounters with rivals on the road!
  • Ride in Style. Choose from a variety of motorcycles and customize your bike to suit your style.

Road Rage is currently primed to come to Xbox One this Fall.
Chanse Wareham
Written by Chanse Wareham
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