Hardware and an Expansion Coming to Rock Band 4

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
Big news for Rock Band fans as developer Harmonix has announced new hardware and software for Rock Band 4. We'll start with the software first with the announcement that an expansion is on the way, called "Rock Band Rivals". Not much has been revealed in terms of specifics but Harmonix promise features we've never seen before in the Rock Band franchise as well as big new modes that players of all styles and difficulties can enjoy and that they will tell us more in the near future.

Rock Band Rivals artwork

Now onto the hardware. Teased just over a week ago, and seen in the above image, a new guitar peripheral is on the way. Made by new hardware partner PDP, the Fender Jaguar controller contains everything you'd expect from a guitar peripheral with one added extra: the guitar is foldable, making it easier to carry and store than previous peripherals. Take a look in the video below (unfortunately it doesn't show the folding).

That's not the only hardware incoming, however, as Harmonix have also announced both a charging dock for the guitar and a legacy adapter. The charging dock comes with a rechargeable battery pack and will work with the aforementioned Fender Jaguar as well as doubling as a guitar stand to place it on. The legacy adapter - officially licensed by Microsoft - will allow old wired legacy Rock Band peripherals, Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for Xbox 360 and ION Drum Rocker for Xbox 360 to work with Rock Band 4.

"Rock Band Rivals" will launch on Xbox One in autumn/fall for $29.99. The charging dock and legacy adapter will both also cost $29.99 although there is no release window quite yet. The new guitar will be available later this year as part of the "Rock Band™ Rivals Wireless Jaguar Bundle" alongside a copy of Rock Band 4 and the "Rock Band Rivals" expansion or as part of the "Rock Band™ Rivals Band Kit" that contains everyone in the previous bundle as well as the Rock Band 4 drum kit for a total $199.99. International pricing for all these are promised by Harmonix soon.
Andy Mills
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