New Details and Media for PES 2017

By Cindy Minguez, 1 year ago
Konami brought some serious soccer to E3 this year with its presentation on Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. With two years in a row of being named "Best Sports Game" at Gamescom, the PES series has a lot to live up to, and Konami is working hard to see that the latest iteration of the title doesn't disappoint. As in previous PES installments, Konami strives to give the player as much control as possible while trying to keep the game flowing with a natural feel.

Previous PES releases have seen KONAMI’s revolutionary Team ID and Player ID help PES mimic the way real players and teams move and play. PES 2017 adds new layers to these foundations with the advent of its ‘Real Touch’ system. Real Touch determines the many ways players receive a ball, dependent on the height and power of the pass, and the natural ability of the player. A new ‘Precise Pass’ system further emphasizes the game’s use of new ball physics, as players make passes based on the runs of other teammates, before perfectly placing a threaded ball in their path.
Konami also plans greater emphasis on Master League and myClub modes.

Thanks to community feedback, great improvements have been made in mechanics. Goalkeepers, for example, have been completely re-invented, "producing stunning multiple saves, dominating the penalty box, and looking to close down threats via perfect positioning." A lot of effort has also been put into the new "Adaptive AI," which sees AI learning patterns and important players of the opposition in order to shut them down. There's also a new tactical system called "Total Team Control" and "and new corner and advanced instruction systems for tactical adaptation."


PES 2017 benefits from the addition of hundreds of new animations, ensuring that passes and clearances are met fluidly, and that collisions and tussles are realistically recreated. Player likeness are also taken a new level with ever-more famous players added to the rosters in near-photographic quality and with the running styles and individual attributes that they show in real life. Smaller aesthetic touches are also abound with players’ breath fogging in cold conditions, goalposts visibly rattling as the ball strikes them, and all new lighting and stadium effects.
Finally, we have a teaser trailer to share. See for yourself if Konami's living up to their claims.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is expected for the Xbox One and the 360 sometime this Fall.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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