Destiny Rise of Iron Screenshots and Art Galore

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Following on from the Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion reveal last week, Activision has released a smorgasbord of screenshots for the upcoming content. "Rise of Iron" will take players into the world of Lord Saladin, the enigmatic master of Iron Banner PvP events.

Destiny Rise of Iron 2

While many Destiny fans who were watching the reveal were disappointed to learn that players would not be able to obtain pet wolves as quest rewards from Lord Saladin, there is widespread excitement over the new Gjallarhorn that is coming in "Rise of Iron". While possession of the original Gjallarhorn eluded many due to the whims of RNGesus, the new version will be available to everyone either as a special pre-order version or as a quest reward.

Destiny Rise of Iron Action 17

The "Rise of Iron" expansion will bring a variety of goodies to guardians such as new weapons, armour, enemies and an increased level cap. To whet your appetite we have some action shots showing some of what you can anticipate.

Destiny's "Rise of Iron" expansion will take us back to the Cosmodrome Wall where the game first started and into a new area of Earth called the Plaguelands, which has been under quarantine for centuries. The Plaguelands is the setting for the new conflict with the Devil Splicers who are using stolen SIVA technology to transform themselves and the region around them.

The Destiny "Rise of Iron" expansion will release on Xbox One on September 20th, 2016.
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