Warframe Lunaro Update Detailed, More Big Updates On the Way for June and July

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Earlier this week we saw a video of the upcoming arena ball game to be added to Warframe, called Lunaro. While the video was just for show, now we can actually get a solid look at the rules and gameplay mechanics.

This new, fast-paced, competitive team sport challenges players to use skill, mobility, teamwork, and creativity for victory and honor. Accessed in-game through the Conclave, Lunaro invites Tenno to join team Sun or team Moon with up to four players per team. Teams must defend their goal while doing their best to score by shooting the ball (or Lunaro) through the opponents’ goal. Tenno may defend their zone by smashing the Lunaro out of the opponent’s possession or by knocking them down with a crushing hit.

The PC version of Warframe is receiving the Lunaro update this week, and consoles like Xbox One will be following "soon."

The developers over at Digital Extremes have also given us a look into their crystal ball as to what we can expect in the future. They say Lunaro is the first of three large updates that they're pushing out this summer. All of these updates are building up to the final update, The War Within, which will feature an "incredible cinematic quest experience." This summer players can also look forward to a rework of the Star Chart, new companions and an update to the Archwing combat.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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