Telltale Tell All; Job Stauffer Talks Batman, Walking Dead

By Sam Quirke,
Telltale's Job Stauffer took some time off from the show floor, to sit down and talk all things Telltale. Batman - The Telltale Series was first on the list, as Stauffer talked a little about the "living comic book" aesthetic evolved from the look of The Wolf Among Us (check here for some screenshots of the Caped Crusader himself).

It's completely Telltale's beast – this game will not be tied to any existing canon, and this is as much about playing Bruce Wayne as the Batman. At various points the game's release date is mentioned as "Fall", "Summer", "August" and "well, around August". Basically, some time soon! We'll hear more around Comic Con at the end of July.

We'll also hear more then about Season Three of Series, considered both a natural entry point for newcomers as well as a continuation of the existing story. Decisions made in the previous series will still affect what's going on. The footage so far shows Clementine with a missing finger, but that's entirely dependent on your previous actions if you have played through the first two games. We also got a tease that some "unique storytelling techniques" would let us experience the years we've missed in Clem's life. The release date is still tentative here too, but we know that it's after Batman. Check out the teaser here.

You can watch the full discussion below.

Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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