Shadow Warrior 2 E3 Interview With Flying Wild Hog

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Shadow Warrior 2 is the next title in a long line of Shadow Warrior titles which stretch back decades. Today, we get to hear an interview which shows gameplay footage and reveals tons of details about the upcoming title.

The game is set five years after the events of Shadow Warrior and sees Lo Wang in the aftermath of the events of the first games. Japan and the demonic hell world have combined and Lo Wang is essentially a mercenary doing missions for the Yakuza. Something's going to happen, but the developers aren't yet ready to reveal exactly what that might be.

The game is not truly open world, but the levels are much more open. Some sources will say the levels are procedurally generated, but that's not exactly true. The levels are randomized based on specific set pieces, so there will be different buildings and varied enemy placements, but the levels will ultimately have the same start and end points. The weather can also change to help make the experience different each time. The developers say this should give the game a high amount of, but not infinite, replayability.

You'll have single-player missions and side quests, all fully voiced. You'll also have a bulletin board, which is randomized and gives you a reason to revisit different levels.

There are lots of different guns, including grenade launchers and rocket launchers (though the flamethrower will not return). There are also three versions of each weapon each of which will play differently. You can still upgrade weapons, but it's more of a loot-based system. You can get gems from fallen demons and socket them into your weapons, which allows you to upgrade the weapons to do things like dual wielding.

Like the first game, there will be four powers though one can be used in two different ways, effectively giving you five magical options. For the push, for instance, you will push away when standing on the ground, but if you use it in the air, you will crash to the ground and knock everyone back. There's a vanish ability that makes you invisible and increases your damage when you come out of stealth. Another ability calls spikes out of the ground to impale your enemies.

The melee combat has received an extensive upgrade. Not only are there many more types of melee weapons, but the combat system is deeper. You still have basic attacks and charge attacks of course, but you can now also counter every type of attack. This was inspired by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance where you can counter anything - even a massive attack from the giant Metal Gear Rex.

You can take a look at the full interview, which provides even more details here:

Shadow Warrior 2 will be coming to Xbox One "when it's done," which the developers promise should be later this year.
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