Sarcasm and You!

By Zach Cooper FBI, 9 years ago
When did being a sarcastic jerk make you cool? I mean it seems these days like everyone on the internet or on x-box live is constantly trying to find any punch line they possibly can and in such desperation end up slobbering all over everything. Everyone seems to aspire to be some kind of self aggrandizing intellectual with a snappy comeback for every statement ever made. While I suppose being able to exercise your wits and being a verbal gymnast at times can be impressive, being a sarcastic twit is not.

I hear people gloat on x-box live of how they were able to make another player leave a game simply by the effectiveness of their scathing remarks. Yet they speak with the finesse of Christian Bale in a fury threatening to rip down someone’s lights. “OOOOOOOOH Gooood” you might say after you just searched the internet to see why I was mentioning Christian Bale. But really being a sarcastic ass is nothing to be proud of and I don’t see why people seem to think it is.

I guess what I want to get down to is what makes people strive to be sarcastic. Well I guess at the core of it everyone wants to feel loved, feel like they belong. I mean who doesn’t love those things and one way to get that real fast is by alienating people who are different. Now the internet; that is a place which brings together tons of different people and offers even more opportunities to gang up on someone. So someone who puts themselves out there usually seeking the same feelings of love and togetherness and decides to speaks over the microphone, but oh no, what they said was really dumb!

Now then, the sharks smell blood and it is time to strike. The first guy with an arsenal of snappy comebacks rips into the poor dope and quickly the rest proclaim him as a savior, because now they have someone to make fun of and they can all feel like a team of commandos fighting idiocy across cyberspace. But what is gained through all this, you’re still a bunch people with nothing better to do than play a videogame and you’re making fun of some guy who is in the same boat you are.

You know saying “yeah he can make people cry with his words” is not something to be proud of. But when someone says “Wow, that guy can really set someone straight and get them to change their ways.” - that is something to be proud of. If someone joins your game and is running around team killing like a jerk, you might seem kind of cool for making fun of the jerk, but you are just making yourself a jerk in the process. If you can reason with that jerk, get them to stop their behavior and actually play the game and bring something positive to the game… Well then you just did something truly awesome.

Like I am sure many of us have had really bad days, gone onto the internet, been annoyed by something and just decided to blow up your own team because you think they are jerks. I concede sometimes it is possible that you end up on a team populated completely by sarcastic jerks and it just feels good to rain on their parade. But often what is more common is that someone who is team killing is having a bad day or is just for some reason acting immature for some kind of attention. So they will take any attention they can get and your sarcasm will only fuel their passion for attention.

If you approach these people with logic, reason, sympathy and whatever else, you can probably get them to stop their behavior a lot sooner, maybe get them to actually play the game for real and just save everyone a lot of frustration in the end. I mean putting down others may make you feel good at the time but you are exercising negative emotions, things of spite and resentment, when you could actually try to learn to connect with people and make a change in someone else’s life.

Sarcasm, Cynicism, Arrogance - from where I see it, these emotions are all quite similar and all just as useless. Most of all they are easy and I believe constantly relying on these emotions makes a person lazy. No one accomplishes anything by sitting back tossing out snappy comebacks all day, sooner or later you have to step up and be an adult.

My best example of this will probably be Ash Williams, one of the greatest badasses of all time, yet a huge sarcastic, self centered ass. At the end of the day he saved the world from evil, all while promoting S-mart’s low prices. You won’t get anything out of life just by sitting back and being an ass on a microphone. If you truly want to be awesome, you must actually do something with your life, be more than just one of the over 9000 morons on the internet who has a sarcastic statement for every word in the English language.

Be different, be exceptional, actually have something constructive to say to others, something supportive. Sure it might seem silly, it might seem corny, but in the end it is those with the courage to stand up and be different who make this world great.