Double Fantasy Points, Gem Sale and Daily Legacy Chests in SMITE Until June 24th

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Though it seems like the last one just ended, another event in SMITE has arrived. This one lasts a full week and is in celebration of this weekend's upcoming SMITE Masters DreamHack tournament where the winners will take home the lion's share of $450,000. Players can enjoy double fantasy points, gem sales and limited edition legacy chests until June 24th.

SMITE DreamHack

Double Fantasy Points

As mentioned, Season Ticket owners earn double fantasy points for winning matches. No idea what the Season Ticket is? It's a one-time 450 gem purchase that levels up and earns points as you win matches and allows you to unlock rewards such as skins or chest rolls at point milestones, and you get the SPL 2016 Bellona skin just for purchasing it. Normally, it's 15 FP (fantasy points) for a win, with the double you'll earn 30. The season ticket will end around January, so there's plenty of time to build points. You can check out the rewards below:

  • 0 – SPL 2016 Bellona Skin
  • 1000 – Sunstar Ra Skin
  • 1500 – Which Came First Avatar
  • 2000 – Enigma Chest
  • 2500 – 2016 Season Ticket Loading Frame
  • 3000 – Enigma Chest
  • 3500 – Undying Chest
  • 4000 – Good Game Emote
  • 4500 – Hinduman Announcer Pack
  • 5000 – Ticket Upgrade
  • 5500 – Enigma Chest
  • 6000 – Peeper Ward Skin
  • 6500 – Enigma Chest
  • 7000 – Undying Chest
  • 7500 – Divine Action Theme Music Pack

Gem Sale

Gems are also discounted on the Xbox Marketplace, from small 10 percent savings on the cheaper packs to up to 50 percent off the most expensive bundle. See the savings here:

  • 800 Gems – 10% off
  • 1500 Gems – 20% off
  • 2500 Gems – 20% off
  • 3500 Gems – 33% off
  • 8000 Gems – 40% off
  • 13000 Gems – 50% off

Legacy Chests

Last but not least, cosmetic collectors can enjoy limited edition legacy chests that will give them a shot at rolling a skin that isn't available year-round. The chests will change every day and disappear after their one day in the sun. The legacy chest schedule is as follows:

  • Friday June 17th – Rascal
  • Saturday June 18th – Musketeer
  • Sunday June 19th – Spring Holiday
  • Monday June 20th – Pandamonium
  • Tuesday June 21st – Above the Law
  • Wednesday June 22nd – Cutesy Chest
  • Thursday June 23rd – Martial Arts
  • Friday June 24th – Deep Sea
If you're more interested in a double worshiper and XP event, you just missed it, but as always, we'll let you know when we hear about the next one. You may also have to update SMITE before hopping into a match, as the newest patch just dropped on Thursday. The double fantasy points, gem sales and legacy chests mentioned above are available now and will run until June 24th. Happy smiting!
Kelly Packard
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