Lumo Director Commentary and Release Date

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Ever wondered what a classic isometric puzzle game developed for contemporary systems would be like? Gareth Noyce of Triple Eh? did, and his answer is Lumo. Noyce has a background in AAA development, including working on Crackdown and Fable II, but impulsively decided to make an isometric game prototype in 2013 after a drunken Twitter conversation. This became Lumo, a loving homage to the Eighties games that inspired Noyce to begin experimenting with game development in his childhood.

In the latest Lumo Director's Commentary video Gareth Noyce takes us through cauldron sections and light puzzles, while occasionally dying because talking while playing is hard.

Lumo will be released on Xbox One on June 22nd, 2016.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
Lucy wasted her youth in the pursuit of music, art and stories. Eventually she discovered that video games combine all three with shooting and exploding stuff and a gamer was born.