Folding Rock Band's Fender Jaguar Guitar In New Video

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
We recently covered plenty of details on a new piece of hardware and expansion coming for Rock Band 4. Despite plenty of new details, screens and a video, we didn't get to see the foldable Fender Jaguar Guitar actually get folded in the video!

Well, the time has finally arrived and Harmonix's own Nate looks very chuffed to be the one to show us how it's done. Check out the new video as Nate folds the guitar with ease making it look incredibly easy and useful for those with minimal storage:

The expansion, "Rock Band Rivals" comes to the Xbox One for Rock Band 4 this autumn/fall for $29.99. The charging dock and legacy adapter will both be priced the same but are still without a release window. The guitar itself will release later this year as part of the "Rock Band™ Rivals Wireless Jaguar Bundle" alongside a copy of Rock Band 4 and the "Rock Band Rivals" expansion or as part of the "Rock Band™ Rivals Band Kit" that contains everyone in the previous bundle as well as the Rock Band 4 drum kit for a total $199.99. International pricing for all of the above is yet to be announced.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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