New Details and Screens for the Banner Saga 2

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
The Banner Saga 2 has already been out a while on PC and Mac and developer Stoic has just revealed plans for a free content update which adds a new Survival Mode. The mode will challenge players by forcing them into 40 back-to-back combat levels in a test of strategy and survival.

Survival Mode is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while now. This is an entirely new experience within Banner Saga 2. Our goal was to create a fun, tactical game mode where fans can play from a different perspective which focuses on strategy and the hard cost of death in combat. We modified how the combat worked from the core game based on feedback from our community and put it through a closed beta to make sure that it was fun. Thanks again to our dedicated fans for their continued support.
Players will draft a combat team from existing Banner Saga heroes. In this mode, death is permanent and a fallen hero cannot be brought back. Instead, victories will reward Renown, which can be used to buy new heroes to continue the fight. With all three difficulties available, there should be a challenge for players of all skill levels.

The Banner Saga 2 launches on July 26th for Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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