Guardians of the Rose Trailer and Artwork

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Zelda-inspired open world RPG Guardians of the Rose has received funding via Kickstarter and is coming to consoles next year. Developer Pixel x Pixel Games promises a fast-paced, story-driven experience that pays homage to old school games with freedom to play how you want to.

Guardians of the Rose is a story-driven 2D action adventure RPG.

  • Controls like a modernized, fast-paced version of old-school Zelda and Gauntlet games with the RPG elements of the Elder Scrolls Series.
  • Inspired by the Classics of the 8-bit and 16-bit Generations
  • Pixel Art Graphics and Chiptune Sounds
  • Hidden Secrets around every corner
  • Compelling, charming characters
  • Open World Exploration
  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Long lost magical Artifacts
  • Choose how you complete the story: wage all out war, incite a revolution, or something in-between
  • Alternate Endings based on how you play the game

The illegal art of Witchcraft has tainted the Royal Guard and brought ruin upon the kingdom. A small group of the Royal Guard have slaughtered the King’s family and taken control of the kingdom. It is now up to you and a small group of members of the Royal Guard that call themselves the Guardians of the Rose to save the kingdom. Your small band of allies have to work together in secret to cause a revolution in the kingdom. One slip up and you will be on the run from the Royal Guard and wanted by relentless bounty hunters.

And you, a boy with no magical ability, are left with the task to save the kingdom. Will you choose to taint yourself with witchcraft or will you choose to search out legendary magical items to use in your struggle to save the kingdom. Explore the Unfellable Forest while avoiding being trampled by Sand Giants and Unfellable Beasts. Fight off sea serpents and other creatures of the deep that are terrorizing sea port towns. Venture into the snow-ridden Mountain Lands and discover hidden temples in the wild forests.

Guardians of the Rose is due to be released on Xbox One in May 2017.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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