Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Time-Bending Physics Puzzler, Arriving July 1st

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
Ethan: Meteor Hunter has been on the scene for a little while, first getting a release on PC and PS3 back in 2013. Despite a Steam release the following year, the game has been oddly absent from an Xbox platform. From this Friday, Xbox One players will finally be able to give the puzzling platformer a go for themselves.

The titular Ethan is a rat that gained the power of telekinesis after coming into contact with some meteorites. Blessed with such noble powers, Ethan's main goal, apparently, is to seek revenge on his neighbour. To be fair, said neighbour destroyed Ethan's house.

The player makes use of Ethan's powers to freeze time in the level and manipulate the objects within it in order to get around obstacles. Developer Seaven Studio boasts that each of the 50+ levels in the game can be solved in countless ways, depending on how you choose to toy with the environment. While they claim the game is difficult, an instant respawn mechanic should avoid undue frustration. Replay value is added in the form of time attacks and collection challenges, many of which appear to be tied to the game's achievement list.

To celebrate the fact that the game is finally coming to Xbox One, the developers released this trailer, which shows off the time-manipulation gameplay in more detail:

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is arriving on Friday, July 1st.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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