Walkthroughs Update - May 2016

By SpiralGamerpro, 1 year ago
Editor's Note: Apologies for the late showing of this update, which unfortunately slipped through the cracks during the chaos of E3. June's update will arrive in a much more prompt fashion.

Hey everyone,

May was another slow month for the Walkthrough Team, but at the very least, all ports now have the owner of the main walkthrough listed as "Contributor". In the future, I will list the main walkthrough's owner as "Contributor" upon the creation of a ported walkthrough. If I have missed this accreditation with any ports, please let me know and I will rectify that instantly.

On to the walkthroughs for May 2016! dance

There were 14 walkthroughs published in the month of May! Ports are indicated with a (*).

Xbox One
Blues & Bullets Walkthrough - FNSUITE GHOST
Coffin Dodgers Walkthrough - LifeExpectancy
Costume Quest 2 Walkthrough - Mike Marcelais
Fallout 4 Walkthrough - terrett101
King's Quest Walkthrough - TaankGirl
Overwatch: Origins Edition Walkthrough - Eurydace
OXENFREE Walkthrough - KylKo
The Park Walkthrough - LifeExpectancy

Xbox One Apps
Hulu Walkthrough - iFlyHi

Xbox 360 Retail
Doom 3: BFG Edition Walkthrough - BulgyDragonZord
Ever 17 Walkthrough - Sangriaz

Xbox Live Arcade
Costume Quest 2 (Xbox 360) Walkthrough - Mike Marcelais (*)
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Walkthrough - N18p73pwn3r
WRC Powerslide Walkthrough - King GBF

As always, you can volunteer to write a new walkthrough here or volunteer to port a walkthrough here.