2D Action RPG Moonlighter Successfully Funded

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
With about two days to go, the action RPG with roguelite elements named Moonlighter has been successfully Kickstarted. The developers cite as inspiration titles like Rogue Legacy and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, as well as classics like The Legend of Zelda.

At its core, the game is simple. You control Will, a villager who ventures into dungeons every day in order to make a living. Will reaps the rewards of loot from each dungeon and then brings them back to town to sell each day. The catch is that the dungeons aren't the primary way of gaining power. Instead, you'll need to sell your items and then purchase the best upgrades from your village's shopkeepers. There's no leveling up in this game, so items will be extremely important.

Each day you'll go through the Gates and enter a new dungeon. This dungeon will be populated by a myriad of enemies and even one of five epic bosses. Each Gate also has unique items you can find and sell. Gates will have various cultures attached to them, such as the Golem culture, which will lead to certain types of enemies and weapons fitting of the culture.

In another twist, you are a shopkeeper yourself. Customers come in many varieties and you'll need to sell the right items to the right customers in order to maximize your profits:

Customers have different behaviours and interests. Some of them would buy an item even if it’s a bit overpriced. Others, on the contrary, will leave the shop empty-handed unless they find a bargain... and, be careful, there will be some shoplifters too.

From time to time, some customers will request for an specific item. If Will can deliver it within a few days, they maybe very generous!

Upgrading the shop by investing a large amount of gold is key to increase its benefits dramatically. You will be able to sell more items at the same time, attract better customers and so on.
Of course, items will have a major effect on combat. They can be upgraded or crafted and have special effects both inside and outside of combat. The various items sometimes have positive bonuses, but they can also have negative ones which will make the strategy of which item to keep important.

Moonlighter currently has no release date but it is coming to Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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