Watch_Dogs 2 Gets A Masterclass Video

By Gabriel Kreulen, 1 year ago
Ubisoft launched a masterclass video for Watch_Dogs 2, where creative director Jonathan Morin shows the narrative demo of the game.

The first gameplay isn't shown until around 4:40 and the demo gets interrupted once in a while so Morin can give information.

Between the 4:40 mark and the 19:10 mark, some new features of the sandbox are shown, including the Far Cry-esque co-op mode, a changed hacker interface and more.

After the 19:10 mark, the focus of the demo shifts to the story mode, where various playstyles were shown in one of the story missions. This includes drones which the player can control in first- and third person view. These drones can be used to scope out a building and to check out the weaknesses of the security. The mission itself tasked the player to infiltrate a building and upload a video from Dedsec to the public net. Some sections are done in stealth, but there's also some gunplay involved in the video. The escape routes are also completeliy optional, with two possibilities being mentioned in the video.

Watch_Dogs 2 is scheduled to release November 15th.
Gabriel Kreulen
Written by Gabriel Kreulen
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