Post-Apocalyptic RPG ELEX Gets New Details

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
ELEX is a new RPG set to the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic fantasy world called Malagan. Malagan was a mecca of scientific advancement until a meteor struck. Now players will explore the world meeting interesting characters, mutants, and deep moral choices.

The meteor had another side effect as well - now everything in the world is infused with Elex. Different factions will have different motivations as well. While one's is a cult that ingests Elex, another bans its ingestion on religious grounds and uses it for technology instead. A third tries to live in harmony while a fourth is simply a group of bandits.

Developer Piranha Bites is very excited about the game as it's been the work of many years:
We’ve been thinking about the setting for ELEX for almost 10 years, and we finally have the chance to implement our ideas. The mix of sci-fi and fantasy offers an incredible number of opportunities and cool contrasts that we can play around with. The fans of Gothic or Risen will recognise our unique game philosophy and ELEX builds on that solid basis. ELEX will be the most dynamic and realistic RPG sim ever!
ELEX is currently set for release in 2017 for Xbox One.
Kevin Tavore
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