Unnamed Fiasco Launch Trailer

By Luc1d, 9 months ago
Have you heard the one about the Baby Luchador playing Police Chase in a Grenade Rain storm? It's mostly a tale of a bunch of friends having a blast playing Unnamed Fiasco, a 2D arena shooter with a Mexican flavour.

Developer Unnamed Fiasco Team has released the launch trailer for Unnamed Fiasco, showing playable characters Gramma Gonzales, Buffalo Bull, El Torero, Baby Luchador and Robot Rodriguez in action on a variety of maps and game modes. Solo challenges are included in the game, but the emphasis is on local multiplayer for 2-4 players.

Unnamed Fiasco was born from a game jam prototype in 2014, with a theme of "limited colour palette". The development team incorporated colours into the gameplay itself, making players collect weapon parts of the correct colour to be able to damage opponents and thereby adding a strategic element to the game. You can find more details about gameplay in our coverage of the BIG Festival trailer.

Unnamed Fiasco 4

Unnamed Fiasco is due to be released on Xbox One later this year.
Written by Luc1d
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