Warframe Lunaro Update Arrives July 7th

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
During E3 week, Warframe developer Digital Extremes previewed an arena ball game being added to the free-to-play title, called Lunaro. The update containing this new game mode and more is scheduled to arrive on July 7th.

Warframe 1

In addition to Lunaro, players can expect the following changes and additions:

New Weapon

- Dark Split-Sword: Use as a devastating heavy sword or apply a Dual Melee stance and split the weapon into two ferocious blades.

New Customizations

Weapon Skins and Armor:

- Riv Elite Guards: This ornate set of Guards was worn by Ancient Lunaro champions.

- Arcata Riv Skin: A stylized Arcata Skin for Lunaro.

Operator Customizations

- 10 new Hairstyles

- 16 new, free Faces

- 8 new, free Markings

- 8 new Accessories

Mods and Misc

Syndicate Augments

- Wukong (New Loka) – Iron Vault, Primal Rage

- Nekros (Red Veil) – Creeping Terrify

- Ivara (The Perrin Sequence) – Infiltrate

Mod Drop (Arena)

- Shotgun – Silent Battery

Executioner Dhurnam Noggle

- Decorate your Landing Craft with this Executioner Dhurnam in Noggle form.

Other items include changes and fixes to Volt, Trinity, Valkyr, Mag, and Rathuum!

As Warframe die-hard fans are well aware, the Lunaro update is the first of of three large updates this summer that will culminate in the final update, called The War Within, which will boast an "incredible cinematic quest experience." The devs have already given us a sneak peek of the next update, Specters of the Rail, which will include a complete redesign of the Star Chart to make traveling through the Origin System a breeze. The market will also be rebuilt from the ground up. Though there's no set date yet, Specters of the Rail is coming soon, with The War Within to follow.
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