Want a Discount on 10 Second Ninja X? Introducing the "Prepare to Buy" Edition

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
Just last week we covered a TrueGaming Network video preview for the upcoming action platformer 10 Second Ninja X. It's currently set to release on July 19th for a mere $9.99 US, but publisher Curve Digital is throwing us a curve ball.

It turns out the game is getting a demo on PC and web browser - it sadly won't be available on consoles. Normally this would be bad news for us, but we have a bit of extra incentive to play this time. For every level, you can earn up to three stars. Curve Digital wants us to enjoy the demo, so they are promising they will permanently reduce the price of the game by .00008% per star, up to a grand total of 40% for a price of $5.99 on all platforms.

It may not sound like much, but this is only 50,000 stars. If only 3,334 players master the demo, we'll get there. I know I'll do my part to help everyone out. You can play the demo in your web browser on the game's official site or you can download it using Steam. Either way you will reduce the game's price on all platforms.

Will you be fast enough to save money?Will you be fast enough to save money?

In addition, we also get a trailer showcasing the difference between a 10SNX pupil and a master:

10 Second Ninja X releases on July 19th for Xbox One at a price somewhere less than $9.99.
Kevin Tavore
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