A Look At The Latest Update For ARK: Survival Evolved

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
There's an update on the way for ARK: Survival Evolved and it's the first of three updates we've mentioned previously.

Here's what you'll be seeing soon on Xbox One:
All PC Content and fixes up thru v243.9 -- Redwood Biome,Titanosaurus, Gas Mask, Rope Ladder, etc
Dedicated Server Save-Backups
Memory saving & cpu performance increase approximately 5%
Perhaps not a lot of words, but don't let that fool you; there's a lot of content coming. Speaking of which, there's also plenty of pictures and video from the update.

ARK: Survival Evolved screenshot

The full release of ARK: Survival Evolved is scheduled for later this year
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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