Carmageddon: Max Damage Achievement List

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
It has been 16 long years since a Carmageddon title appeared on a console with the classic Carmageddon 64. The ridiculous and storied vehicular combat series returns to your living room television once again with Carmageddon: Max Damage. It has always been a polarizing series and it looks like the newest entry is on track to be no different; the comments on our previous coverage have ranged from excitement over the return of Carmageddon to skeptical scoffs that it looks straight out of the 1990's.

Nonetheless, developer Stainless Games has been hyping up the impending release of Max Damage with their outlandish and inappropriate "We Do" series of videos, showcasing all the possibilities (living and otherwise) of what can be run over in the new game. Nuns, cows and the handicapped (yes, they went there) were all advertised as demolishable. Probably no one would be surprised if the achievements all read something like "Run over 50 Girl Scouts" or "Splatter 24 adorable kittens." Will they, though? The full list is below.

Carmageddon 11

There are 30 achievements:
  • You'll Take Someone's Eye Out With That - Achieve a Suck My Parts or Collateral Damage Bonus (20 GS)
  • Edurcation, Edducashion... ah forget it - Complete the tutorial. You swot (20 GS)
  • Metal Mangling Mutha - Finish a Classic Carma Event by Wrecking all the Opponents (20 GS)
  • Wrecked 'em! - Wreck your first Opponent (20 GS)
  • Long Distance Runaround - Complete the Mile Muncher Mission (30 GS)
  • Hood Ornament - Complete the Ped Popper Mission (30 GS)
  • Got the Point - Complete the They Don't Like It Up 'Em Mission (30 GS)
  • Heads and Tails - Complete the Split Personality Mission (30 GS)
  • A Mountain of Meat! - Kill 50 targeted Peds in Ped Chase (40 GS)
  • A Ton of Tin! - Wreck 100 Opponents in Car Crusher (40 GS)
  • A Century of Checkpoints! - Hit 100 Checkpoints in Checkpoint Stampede (40 GS)
  • Fox Me! - Be the Fox for half an hour in Fox 'n' Hounds (40 GS)
  • Here In My Cars - Complete the Hotwiring Hotstuff Mission (30 GS)
  • MultiSlay Champ - Complete the MultiSlayer Mission (30 GS)
  • Proudly Unhinged - Finish a Classic Carma Event by Killing all the Peds (50 GS)
  • You're Once, Twice, 10x a Psycho - Get a x10 Ped Kill Combo (20 GS)
  • Truly a Stunning... - Achieve 60 Cunning Stunts (20 GS)
  • Bush Master - Collect 55 Smelly Bushes (30 GS)
  • Three Way Action! - Finish one Classic Carma Event in all three ways (30 GS)
  • Max Damage! - Complete the Up Your Carma Mission (100 GS)
  • MP MegaPeep Mangler - Complete the MP MegaPeep Mission (50 GS)
  • 50 Shades of Red - Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty (50 GS)
  • Ooh, You Mean There's More..? - Unlock Chapter 2 in the Career (20 GS)
  • Are We Nearly There Yet? - Unlock Chapter 10 in the Career (20 GS)
  • Filled 'Er Up! - Buy and Equip 12 Parts in the Parts Shop for one Car (30 GS)
  • Slap It In The Slot - Customise your car by visiting the Parts Shop and buying a part (20 GS)
  • Total Banker - Complete the Bulging Purse Mission (50 GS)
  • Kick Me! - Kill 16,666 Peds (30 GS)
  • Batwick Will Be... Disappointed - Finish a Classic Carma Event by Completing all the Laps (20 GS)
  • A Load of Laps! - Complete 60 Laps in Death Race (40 GS)
For full details about the title visit the Carmageddon: Max Damage page.
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