Terraria Xbox One Bug Fix on the Way With Xbox 360 Patch

By Kelly Packard,
As most Terraria players on Xbox One have probably noticed, multiplayer is currently completely unplayable due to a bug caused by the most recent patch. The developers have addressed their awareness of this on the 505 Games forums and have ensured a hot fix is being fast-tracked for early next week.

In addition to this, Terraria (Xbox 360), which is slightly behind the Xbox One version in updates, will be receiving the most recent patch early next week as well. Several developers posted on the forums to ensure players they are keeping a close eye on the 360 update to make sure it does not cause the same multiplayer bug that affected the Xbox One version.

I wouldn't hit that Multiplayer button just yet...I wouldn't hit that "Multiplayer" button just yet...

If you're an Xbox One player who wants to see what's new, or an Xbox 360 player awaiting the update, you can check out the full patch notes below. Due to the enormity of the patch notes, they are enclosed in spoiler tags.

The following bugs were fixed:

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New Content

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Look out for both the Xbox One fix and the Xbox 360 update next week. For new players interested in Terraria (game-breaking bugs aside), it can be purchased at a discount in this week's sale. Thank you to several members of the community for letting us know about this one.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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