Roll7 and 505 Games Sign a One-Game Partnership

By Kelly Packard, 6 months ago
An interesting partnership was forged this week as developer Roll7 and publisher 505 Games signed a one-game development deal. Roll7 has been most recently known for their work on NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION and OlliOlli2: XL Edition. 505 Games is recognizable as the publisher behind many current-gen titles like Terraria, Defense Grid 2 and this month's HAWKEN, as well as the physical collector's edition of Rocket League.

And the game? It's going to be a "multi-platform, multiplayer-focused" title that will "tap into one of the biggest current gaming trends." Though the game is only in pre-production, 505 Games promises it is a "complete departure for the studio." If it's "tapping into one of gaming's biggest current trends," a MOBA, perhaps? Or an arena shooter like Overwatch?


We'll have to wait to find out. The as-of-yet unannounced game won't be released until 2017.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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