New DanceDanceRevolution Announced

Konami has announced today that a new DanceDanceRevolution game is heading to the Xbox 360.

The new release will combine the innovative pick-up-and-play mechanics DanceDanceRevolution fans have come to love, with the physically engaging and interactive gameplay that has made the franchise a classic.
Konami also announced that there will be two new gameplay modes, Dance Off and Club Mode.

In Dance Off, up to four players can take to the dance mat, each taking turns, similar to a dance battle. The winner is the dancer who can step and dance accurately to the arrows.

Club Mode is a feature designed for the more hardcore DanceDanceRevolution fan, allowing players to play four to 20 songs back-to-back with varying difficulty levels depending on how well they perform.
DanceDanceRevolution will have 20 licensed tracks from a variety of artists and 30 songs by Konami Digital Entertainment’s original artists.

DanceDanceRevolution is expected to release in the first quarter of 2011.