Games For The Holidays Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Microsoft have released a trailer for the Games For The Holidays promotion that was announced last week. In case you missed the announcement, this promotion is not the normal type of offer where you get a points rebate or discounted prices. Instead, you will unlock exclusive cross-game content if you own and unlock an achievement in A World of Keflings, Raskulls and ilomilo.

In A World of Keflings, players will be able to build homes for the Raskulls, ilo and milo. These characters can then be kicked around like you can with the other Keflings. In Raskulls, you can unlock a Kefling, ilo and milo as playable characters; in ilomilo, you can unlock Kefling and Raskull costumes for your character.

The trailer shows all of these cross-game interactions in gameplay footage:

The official release date for A World of Keflings is December 22nd, 2010, Raskulls is released on December 29th, and ilomilo is released on January 5th, 2011. However, ilomilo is already available if you visit the official game website and get yourself a code for the demo. The game can be purchased from within the demo. In a press release by Ninjabee, developer for A World of Keflings, it was also confirmed that "players who purchase A World of Keflings will get early access within the game to buy the full versions of Raskulls and ilomilo before they officially release. Each of the three games can be purchased from within the others."

The games will be priced individually at 800 MSP.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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