XCOM 2 Developer Diary on Animations

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
XCOM 2 was originally announced as a PC-exclusive, much to the dismay of many console gamers. Luckily, on June 7th Firaxis announced they would indeed be bringing the game to consoles in September. Since then, news on the game has gone dark, until today.


Today we get a developer diary and interview on animating the aliens. XCOM 2 is set in the future after the alien invasion succeeds (it seems your first playthrough in the first game is the canon playthrough). The aliens have used DNA splicing to give themselves some human features, which means many of the aliens are different. Mutons, for example, are leaner but still animalistic in some ways according to the game's Lead Art Designer:

Slimming them down also let us deliver a new interesting take on the Muton while at the same time staying true to the look. Mutons have always had a very animalistic design and behavior. XCOM 2 saw the aliens becoming a little more human, but we still wanted those familiar character traits to show. Each alien unit, including the Mutons, retains some of their primal animations which you get glimpses of as you play.
Meanwhile, new enemies like the Snakemen have their own reason for their unique look:

The idea to go full snake with the Viper in XCOM 2 has to do with the narrative of the game mixed with honoring the history of XCOM. In Enemy Unknown, the (not so) subtle secret behind the Thin Man was they were the original X-COM’s Snakemen in disguise. This fit with Enemy Unknown’s story because the aliens were invading and needed an infiltration unit. In XCOM 2, the aliens have won and there’s less of a need to hide so the snake unit came back. We also knew the Snakeman was a fan favorite that would pair well with the sequel’s more visceral style.
Of course, there's more to the interview than that. You can read the full interview here. In the meantime, you can see the animations yourself in the latest developer diary.

XCOM 2 will launch on September 6th for Xbox One.
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