Cast of the Seven Godsends Gameplay Revealed

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
Paolo Cattaneo is the coder and lead designer for Raven Travel Studios, developer of the upcoming 90's run-and-gun inspired Cast of the Seven Godsends. The game has been a passion project for him and the rest of the development team for years. Cattaneo grew up playing games like Ghouls 'n Ghosts and has been working on this homage to the 16-bit era for years. Nearly everything is inspired by that time, and Cattaneo says that "if you love old-school style games and grew up playing on 8 or 16-bit machines, we’ve got a connection."

Screenshot 7

The gameplay trailer is the first time that we've had a solid look at the game. We already knew that the visuals were inspired by the 16-bit era, and it looks like the gameplay follows suit in a glorious way for those who love classic run-and-gun games. We see a variety of characters jumping and shooting and using abilities to move across the environment and kill their foes. Those foes often seem to be a match for our heroes, and the boss battles could potentially be epic.

Screenshot 6

You can see for yourself in the trailer below.

Cast of the Seven Godsends has no known release date, but it's definitely coming to Xbox One. We'll bring more news as soon as we hear it.
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