Through The Woods Trailer and Art

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
What lengths will a parent go to rescue their child? Upcoming psychological horror game Through the Woods takes a desperate mother to a mysterious island in pursuit of the man who has taken her son.

Through The Woods is set in Norway, and draws on Norse mythology and Norwegian folklore to create a dark world of menacing trees and monstrous creatures. The story is told through dialogue, collectible journals, decipherable runes and even the environment. Gameplay emphasises stealth rather than physical combat, challenging the player to exploit the sensory weaknesses of enemies to get past them safely.

Through The Woods will release on Steam in September 2016, with a console launch expected to follow early in 2017.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
Lucy wasted her youth in the pursuit of music, art and stories. Eventually she discovered that video games combine all three with shooting and exploding stuff and a gamer was born.