Latest Kinect Hack Can See Into The Future

By II The Beard II, 8 years ago
Microsoft's little black box has become quite the hacker's darling since its arrival. It's been barely more than a month and we've already seen it create 3D Video, double as a Theremin, turned into a quadrocopter, and used to play Super Mario Brothers - yes, the Kinect can even play games!

The latest hack, however, comes to us from those incorrigible whiz kids at MIT, and offers further insight into the capabilities of this apparently powerful peripheral:

According to someone with super-villain-like brain power, the interface was achieved using the open source "libfreenect" driver for Linux, and showcases the Point Cloud Library aspect of the open source robotics package (ROS) that MIT has been "helping to optimize." In English, the software can see your pretty little fingers "in a cloud of more than 60,000 points," and at 30 frames per second no less.

In other other words, it's safe to say that the current lineup of Kinect games has barely scratched the surface of what this purple prone piece of hardware can do, and given the Minority Report mimicry above it seems some of the blame should be shifted to the specificity of the software itself (especially if you've played Joy Ride!). At the very least, all these "hacks" give us a glimpse into just how bright the Kinect's gaming future could be.

Your move, game makers.