Bob and Master Raven Revealed for Tekken 7

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Despite being revealed in 2014, Tekken 7 isn't scheduled for release until 2017. Luckily there has been no shortage of trailers, screenshots and character reveals since its announcement. Today we have two more characters who were originally showcased at EVO 2016 this weekend.

Tekken 7 art

Bob is an American fighter who made his first appearance in Tekken 6. He specializes in freestyle karate. Despite his large stature, he has surprising speed and technique. Bandai Namco calls him "one of the most well rounded fighters in the TEKKEN series."

Another fighter confirmed for Tekken 7 is Master Raven. Players remember the mysterious Raven from Tekken 5, whose origins are unknown and wildly speculated. Though it isn't quite made clear how this new Master Raven fits into the puzzle, Bandai Namco assures players she "has no problem tearing her opponents apart" with her ninjutsu fighting style that closely resembles the original Raven's.

With Bob and Master Raven now in the mix, we're starting to get a good picture of the Tekken 7 linenup. Tekken 7 launches in early 2017.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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