Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Detailed in Blog and Interviews

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
There's been a huge amount of information filtering through from the developers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided since E3, a lot of which we have covered already. Below you can find some more details in a series of developer interviews.

In the first video, after the live action trailer (which we previously covered) we get some thoughts from the developers on the premise, followed by a stealthy run-through of the game's the Dubai mission. Around 15 minutes in there are some Q&As from fans, and then at 22:17 we have another cinematic trailer showing off Jensen's acrobatic combat and personal vendetta against a shadowy enemy.

Day 2 of Square Enix Presents at E3 brings us a more in-depth look at the Breach gameplay mode we detailed last month. The video starts with the same trailer covered in our previous story and then again, around the five-minute mark, we get some further details from the developers through fan-submitted questions. A lot of details about the mode are explored, particularly in terms of how it differs from the central game in gameplay and art direction. Even the music is different, produced here by Ed Harrison known for his work on the Half-Life 2 total conversion NeoTokyo. Finally, at 18:50 we get the combat approach version of the Dubai mission.

In the third video, fiction meets reality as Deus Ex partners with Open Bionics, a company aiming to provide 3D printed, low-cost bionic prosthetics to those in need. In the video they attempt to recreate Jensen's own bionic limb in real life. It's an honestly fascinating mini-documentary in the first five minutes. After that, a Q&A session explores the partnership further for those who are interested. Very cool stuff. If you want to get back to the gameplay, the final demo for the Dubai mission is at 20:00, and shows off a more blended action-stealth approach.

Meanwhile, those lucky people at Playstation.Blog got some hands-on time with the game. The full-write up is here. The game apparently feels closer to the original Deus Ex than ever, controls are tight (and multiple controller options are available) and several genres are successfully blended. The narrative, I'm personally pleased to hear, is "a byzantine behemoth of social commentary, conspiracy theory, and old-school speculative fiction".

It's not long before we can all judge the results for ourselves. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is headed to Xbox One on August 23rd.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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