Ubisoft Financial Report Reveals Two New Games: Risk and Battleship

By Kevin Tavore,
Let's admit it. While E3 is an exciting time where we love to hear what corporations have to say, quarterly earning reports simply don't have that same pizzaz, so you may not have realized that Ubisoft recently had an earnings report. There was lots of info about sales figures and platform distributions, but the stars of the show were certainly the announcements of two new games.

The first is Battleship. The game features two game modes: Classic and Clash at Sea! Classic is no doubt exactly what it sounds like, but Clash at Sea! offers an opportunity for players to see a new side of Battleship.

Clash at Sea! remixes the experience, giving your ships special abilities powered by resources that you earn as you play. Additionally, Clash at Sea! is part of Battleship’s new campaign, which gives players an opportunity to master the new mode while pursuing story-driven missions.

Not to be outdone by its classic board game brother, Risk: Urban Assault will also be releasing on the very same day. Many longtime fans of the series have been clamoring for an entirely new Risk and Ubisoft is delivering on that hope. The game is set in a dark future of anarchy. Players will get to experience a total of five new maps inspired by cities around the globe: New York, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Shanghai. Up to five rival factions will fight for control of the cities in intense strategic battles.

Each faction brings something different to the fight, whether it’s a full army, new technology, or a criminal organization. Factions also feature unlockable commanders with unique abilities, like bombardments and troop reinforcements, which can quickly turn the tide of a battle.

Risk Urban Assault features plenty of strategic features that go beyond skirmishes for territory, as you’ll be able to build military bases and broadcast towers to bolster your control, take charge of city councils, put bounties on opponents, and offer incentives to other players so that they’ll form temporary alliances with you. Playable offline in both campaign and custom game modes, Risk Urban Assault will also let you jump straight into a quick online match, or join a league and build your reputation as a commander.

Battleship will launch on August 2nd for Xbox One. Risk Urban Assault will also launch on August 2nd for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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