Pendles Arrives Soon for Battleborn But Will Ernest Be Next?

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
At the end of June, Gearbox revealed their upcoming DLC schedule for their multiplayer battle arena title Battleborn. Alani had already arrived on May 31st and Pendles is due to be the next character to join the game's lineup. Today we received more details about the upcoming character, an assassin who wields dual kamas that are made from skulls.


A cold-blooded killer, Pendles hails from the same water-world as Alani, Akopos. As most adolescent Roa do, Pendles left home to explore and learn about other cultures. Completely unimpressed with these new learnings, Pendles found more enjoyment in murdering those cultures. Even better, people would pay him for his new found hobby. Don’t let his sweet pair of sneakers fool you. This assassin will sneak up behind you, poison you, eviscerate you with duel kamas, then slink away again in a blink of his one remaining eye.
If you're a Season Pass holder, Pendles will be available for selection at 9am PT on July 28th for players in all regions. You'll receive a hero key to allow you to instantly unlock him. If you're not a Season Pass holder then you'll have to wait until 9am PT on August 4th instead. You'll also need 47,500 credits to be able to unlock him in-game.

As promised at the end of June, there will be five new characters joining the game. The final three were due to be revealed from late summer to fall, but the third character to join the team has just been accidentally revealed thanks to the game's new achievements. Details are scarce right now, but it will be interesting to see what skills Ernest will bring to the team:

BattlebornSergeant DemobirdThe Sergeant Demobird achievement in Battleborn worth 65 pointsComplete all Ernest lore challenges.

Regular players will be glad to know that a patch earlier today has made a lot of the game's achievements much easier to earn. Alongside that patch came a series of new Summer Fun skins and taunts that can be purchased in-game. Finally, the current Lootpocalypse event has been extended until 8am PT on July 25th and legendary loot drops have been increased even more than they already were. Check it out while you can!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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