Blue Angels – Aerobatic Sim Features Detailed

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
The folks at Rortos have been working on creating an experience that fans of the Blue Angels would appreciate with BLUE ANGELS: Ready, Break!, and the devlopers have just recently given us a handful of information regarding the features in their game. The list of the main features coming with the flight sim can be seen below:

  • US NAVY license
  • Pilot F/A-18 fighter and C-130 “Fat Albert” transport aircraft
  • Innovative formation flying and assisted guidance system
  • All official Blue Angels maneuvers, playable in all roles
  • All configurations: takeoff, diamond, delta, echelon, line abreast and soloist
  • Use Airshow Mode to complete a real exhibition with a custom sequence of maneuvers
  • Additive Mode to create your aerobatic figure
  • Special missions: free flight, exploratory, pursuit and C-130 JATO
  • HD REAL 3D TECHNOLOGY scenarios
  • 3D Briefing display for an easy understanding of flight maneuvres
  • Innovative help system with three levels of difficulty to suit both beginners and more experienced pilots
  • Accurate trajectory measurement system for evaulation of the score
  • Best world performance ranking
  • 3D Cockpit
  • Multi-camera replay with dynamic visuals
  • Exploratory area of the aircrafts
Along with all these features, Rortos is also including an experience and score system so that you can find out how accurate all of your maneuver's are and climb the leaderboards becoming the best aerobatic pilot on the Xbox One.

Blue Angels – Aerobatic Sim is set to release for the Xbox One late this year.
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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